Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weekend Round Up

One of those weekends i would like to forget. Everything i touched went wrong, especially trading football. As soon as i got into a trade, a goal would be scored from the next attack. I made a lot of right decisions, but didn' t let the trades ride so forfetting a nice amount of money. The Man City, Barcelona and Spurs games were killers as i only made about £25 from the three of them. Its ok thinking well the decisions were correct, you will get it right next time,but the problem is, am i learning from these things or not? I read on one of the blogs that when things arent going your way you tend to be more cautious, and i must admit there was a lot of negativity when trying to trade. I had the feeling that things were going to go wrong whenever i did anything.

On Saturday Punters Profits weighed in with another four losers and Equine with two, followed today with another three and one respectively. PP just keeping getting seconds at the moment so it gets a bit frustrating ! I only had a couple myself yesterday and the same amount today. I picked Corredor Sun in the 12.10 at Warwick at 8/1 which came home first.

So over the course of the weekend i lost £700 and hope that things pick up for me next week.

This is more like it :

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