Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Not the best and not the worst of days is how to remember this Wednesday. Sometimes its just luck that you're sitting at the PC and opportunity knocks and thats what happened to me this morning. I was going through the nag races on the internet and had the TV on beside me which was showing the Roddick game. I had already layed him and was red on both sides to the tune of about £30. I had got out of the bet as it wasnt happening and he was steamrolling his opponent.

All of a sudden he went for the ball and seemed to be in some sort of pain. The market didnt really react so quickly, thinking it was nothing major but as he was 1.03 at the time I had a sneeky lay of £300 for £9 liability . The rest as they say is history. He quit a game later after having treatment and I made a few quid. It was a shame for him as he was playing some great tennis and for low backers as well. Personally I never get involved backing at low odds on tennis, as today shows its not like a team sport were everyone can retire, with tennis its just one slip or twist and thats it, you've done your dough. There must be a website out there for players that retire the most, it might be worth hunting down. For the record the one I never get involved with is Bartoli she's a nightmare.

That was my only highlight as I lost a total of £ 240 today, £ 150 backing horses and another £90 on Betfair.
I watched the second half of the England game last night which was obviously disappointing but in the grand scheme of things doesnt really matter. What bothers me more is the lack of players turning up to play for their country, its worrying that half the team cant make the first team for their clubs. The club v country debate will always go on but with their vast salaries and all the aggro from the press if results dont go our way I'm sure a lot of them are happy not to take part.

Well Serbia, that was the game I wanted to watch. Last weekend they tried to stage the first gay pride event in Belgrade which obviously didnt go down to well as rioting insued. Last night they went to Italy and continued the fighting so getting the game abandoned. I gather FIFA are going to award the match to Italy 3-0 , I wander if I can get a bet on that......

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