Saturday, 9 October 2010

Lets Go.

A strange week on the betting front for me. The whole week had been up and down with me giving a bit and then getting it back and vice versa. A bit frustrating but not a lot I could do about it except having the added pressure of being a third of the way through the month with only a small profit.

Today that turned around. It started with SBP C bet coming in over night. For the record I havent placed any of the NCAA bets issued over the weekend as I mentioned last week they seem to overlap. The NFL bets I will do tomorrow because I can get access to the results a lot quicker and live TV pictures.

Bet Catalyst came good with their two selections coming first and fourth. I backed both each way and also in a double so making £ 390. I am only doing half stakes on these at the moment but hopefully its a sign of things to come for their picks and I will increase the stakes but not until i think the corner has been turned.
The winner was Gunner Lindley and the other bet The Betchworth Kid managed to get the precious fourth place at 16/1.

I have missed the last couple of winners from Packed Pockets but today I got on their only selection in the 5.15 at Bangor which then went and won by twenty lengths at 3/1.

I managed to chip in with a couple of winners as well. I had ten picks today with two places, two winners and six unplaced. One of the unplaced was Monkton Vale which at 33/1 lost a place by a nose which was a gutter.To help top it all off I have had a good couple of days on Betfair.

I have used the bettor logic software when I have had time and I really do think it gives you a real edge when looking for that most important word in the bettors bible "value". It reminds me of the saying "how long is a piece of string."
The reason why is they both mean different things to different people but when you have something that tells you in black and white then it gives you an added confidence when placing a bet in the market. If you can go back over the last five football seasons and see that the chance of something ending in a particular result is 16/1 but you can lay that result at 4/1 then that to me is value. Even if that result does happen you still wouldnt change your thinking or actions if you had to do it over again. I hope this makes sense, grammar is not my strong point as I guess you have discovered.

Anyway a great day with a good four figure profit and tomorrow is a day off.

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