Monday, 4 October 2010

Easy Does It.

After a hectic weekend, today was a much more soothing, slower and profitable day. A lot less work but better profits, isnt that the way it should be?

The NFL game was reported in yesterdays losses but because of the time it finished it ended up in todays P&L but no matter everything else went well.

The horse lays seem to come in spurts like buses at the moment with few and far between and then many together. I managed to only hit one winner today so picked up a nice profit, along with the tennis system which again had a really good day. This week I am going to go through some more data on the tennis matches to see if I can improve this further more . I have an idea but I dont have a clue whether it will help but I will by the end of the week. I didnt have a single bet on the horses today as nothing struck me as value.

The biggest downer of the day was after spending all of last week checking football odds today I checked that my figures from the weekend matched with football and guess what? They didnt. My odds were different to what they posted up so I contacted them to find out why and found out they take the odds for the weekend matches on Friday before 5pm, where as I have been taking the odds about an hour before a game kicks off. Now you might not think it matters but two losing games for me this past weekend wouldnt have counted.

Got an A bet tonight on New England -1 with the SBP, fingers crossed.


  1. hey mate,

    how has the SBP been going recently? not great from what i have been hearing..

    I forgot to ask if you want to trade links?

    My blog is Sports Trading Life,

    I added you already, so let me know if you will add mine

  2. Good luck with your blog.