Friday, 1 October 2010

The Sun Always Shines On TV.

Remember those immortal words uttered by Aha many moons ago, well obviously it doesnt in Wales. The Costa has about three hundred odd days of sun a year and Wales probably has about three and they are all in July. I dont know much about the Ryder Cup or schedules but surely picking such a venue at such a time of year was going to be a nightmare. I reckon if the fog comes down to tomorrow as predicted then the USA team might get home for Christmas! At least I got my bets in play this morning and managed to have a lay in and finish my Ruth Rendall book.

Always nice to start a new month with a feeling of excitement to see what it brings, if anything in the way of profits. So the tennis system had two winners out of three today which would have put it nicely in profit if I had remembered to put the bets down. Typical but they are down on paper at least! Nothing doing on Betfair as I lost a bit on the horses and got a percentage of it back on football.Had a good day with the horses as Ballyvasey 9/2, Approve 12/1 and Zamina 13/2 placed , one other didnt and a winner came at 14/1.

Had various ideas as mentioned in previous posts and after spending a lot of time back testing one in particular, I shall start having some bets on laying particular odds on Football favs in leagues around Europe. I am going with a staking plan that hasnt broken the bank in the past and am confident enough to back this up with money.

Great piece from SP on his blog about the Betfair Float and this one thing in the article struck me and I quote :

As English points out, "one side effect of the float is that Betfair now has to make available a huge amount of information it could previously keep under wraps. That's likely to prove mouth-watering to wannabe competitors". In other words, the risks of rivals trying to muscle in on Betfair's business are rising.

Which hopefully can give them some competition and us better commission rates.

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