Monday, 18 October 2010

On The Right Track.

Its been a cracking few days for me since my last post with some lovely winners from only a few bets. I must have trod in something thats for sure. Starting with today I had just four bets with two unplaced , one placed at 14/1 and a 20/1 winner. The horse in question I backed in the morning but it returned at the same price which surprised me. It actually drifted on Betfair and went off at about 35/1 so a great touch.

Add to that the placed horse and today was a good one. On Sunday I only had three bets but again managed to find a nice priced winner in Ireland at 14/1.

And another place this time at 25/1. Again i took this at 20/1 and it drfited and went off at the bigger price which was nice.

Add to that I only had two NFL bets this weekend and both came through though one went to overtime. Thank you Mr X.

Saturday started my run off as I had another couple of winners out of six bets both at Cheltenham.

I didnt get time to put any SBP bets on over the weekend and I am not entirely sure of the results. In the college football he had an A B and C bet go down during the week but over the weekend the bets would have been profitable . In the NFL both bets won.

The FTS system is something I am having trouble with as every game chosen seems to go wrong and because Ian never shows screen shots or trades in running you are never going to know if he truly makes money at this or not. Reading his blurb and saying he makes £100k from this is pretty unbelievable to me. His system three selections are running at 100% so far this season but you are laying at odds of about 7/1 and there have only been about 9 selections so far.

I started my own football system this last weekend. The international break was good news for me as it gave me plenty of time to run through the results from 16 European leagues which was earthshatteringly boring and tedious but I have complied them all onto spread sheets. To give an idea of my strategy I have a five step betting strategy laying certain teams that are odds on. Some people will say its a martingale system but I do stop at five lays and come the end of the season we will find out. The only thing I can say is over the 16 leagues , going back to 2002 it never got beyond the fifth stage of the process.

The tennis has been going well over the last week so lets hope this continues with the Kremlin and Stockholm tournaments that have just started.


  1. Hi Eddy - Agree that the FTS systems is hard work, I haven't recovered from an Italian match he tipped that got drawn in the 89th minute, been one way ever since. The prob I have with it the fact this weekend he tipped the Cardiff game, now I traded out at 1.96as the strategy says, my instinct said stay in but trying to stay disciplined, then on twitter he states he stayed in. Also the games he tips up fall into the same price ranges, and tbh he has had quite a few of the underdogs scoring first in the past few weeks which makes for squeeky bum time!!!! He is either genuine or very clever with his marketing. GL with you betting/trading btw

  2. Exactly right the manual says one thing he does another but there is no proof. Its easy to aftertime and say you stayed in when it is a winner. If it had gone the other way he would of said he was out I imagine!