Monday, 11 October 2010

The Appliance Of Science.

God, what a boring day today has been, and tomorow with only two meetings on the card looks even worse. It got to the stage where I was casting the deciding vote in my own little election on what the most important appliance was but keeping to the betting mode it had to be "value" as well.

The answer that came to me was "the microwave." What an absolutely marvellous bit of kit for the man on the move, when you are busy trying to get your bets on and dont have time to cook then just whack in some pre cooked meal and wham, its done. My mate always said he was great at cooking "Sausage Ding" I thought it was some Chinese food but then I found out it was just the sound the timer made on his microwave when he had cooked his sausages, Ding !

Anyway mine is a sharp microwave and cost about £ 69 and its one of those things you cant remember how long you've had it. Its like when you go to the doctors and you've got a cut arm and he says " When did you last have a tetanus injection because if its over ten years ago you need another, to which you reply " Oh it was about three years ago Doctor" then after reading your file he pipes up with " It was actually 1995 before you went to the Gambia."

So £69 for about ten years worth of work, sounds like slave labour to me and tomorrow I will give it a loving clean as reward for all its sterling efforts in keeping me fed.

To more mundane matters. I had another up and down day especially with the horses where I traded very well but lost it all on one particular lay. The horse drifted and I could have greened it up but I didnt. Stll made a £55 profit overall on Betfair but lost £57.50 on my own horse bets.

If you followed the SBP predictions for the college football then another A, B and C bet all went down in the night on Saturday. As stated in my last post I am not doing them if they over lap so I was lucky not to get involved saving myself about £ 400. Thats now two system losses for the NCAA football this season which would have wiped out any previous profits. The question is with all gambles , is it worth it to continue?

I did however get on the NFL games but after the A and B bet went down in succession I went to bed with a feeling of dread for the C bet. Happily this came through as The Eagles +3.5 beat the 49ers .

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