Wednesday, 6 October 2010


If you are old enough to remember bands like The Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and The Cockney Rejects then you know what the pogo is. For those that dont its a dance where the basic steps allow for a variety of interpretations, some of which might appear quite violent. Pogo dancers have their choice of:
  • keeping their torsos rigid or thrashing them about;
  • holding their arms stiffly at their sides or flailing them;
  • keeping their legs together or kicking about;
  • jumping straight up and down, jumping in any direction, or spinning in the air.
So last night I was going to have pizza and a quiet couple of drinks with some mates but there I was at midnight in Po Na Na Brighton with lots of students doing the pogo to the song below, it took me back some I can tell you. Great fun apart from the obligatory morning after headache which takes a lot longer to shake off then when I was a Teenage Dirtbag . I hope you have a listen to the song below and have a go yourself. It is most invigorating.

Not made any headway over the last couple of days literally finshing about even. I managed to make £ 4 on Betfair , and had a few horse bets with no winners but plenty of places.

The tennis system didnt work so well but it did have a bumper week so a correction was/is due. I did go through some data and what i am looking to do was profitable but I dont really have a big enough sample size to see if it was just luck, but I will keep a record.

The NFL A bet for SBP came in very easily, shame it wasnt the C bet from the weekend and there are over the next couple of days some more NCAA bets starting tonight with UAB Blazers ( whoever they are.)
Hopefully I will be fully functioning tomorrow.

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