Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Midas Touch.

There is a song that goes " I've got the midas touch everything I touch turns to gold" another classic probably from the eighties, well unfortunately for me that's not what's happened over the past two days.

If I sit back, look, and put it in perspective I'm still above my target for the month, but really I have performed very badly these past two days putting in some bad trades and then chasing them a bit, all to try to get to my best month this year. I also overstaked sometimes and this made me bite the bullet a bit sooner than I should have done. I shall go through my spread sheets and I wouldnt be surprised that If I actually put in half the stakes I am using now I would actually have made more money if that can make sense.

Well you live and learn and I cant even blame it on the gamblers most common foe "bad luck."
I have lost £ 685 on Betfair and another £100 from my own horse bets , but after the run I had been on with them a correction is sorely overdue!

Not even gonna mention "that" fixed tennis match yesterday a bit more annoyed with the tennis in Doha where the first two matches were a joke. Ok they have earned their right to get there but Jankovic and Dementieva were poor beyond belief. Both players were clearly injured, sick or both but getting a $100,000 just for turning up means they were gonna get on that court and the punters were never gonna get a fair crack of the whip. Both had their arses kicked in double quick time, I wouldnt be surprised if they quit and Na Li and Peer came in to take the spaces.

Anyway lets hope tomorrow is better.

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