Thursday, 28 October 2010


Been watching my Bet 365 account as I feel it is in grave danger and what happens? Well my new Stan James account exactly two weeks old gets closed. After speaking to a trader it seems they dont like my type of betting, fucking great. All this at the end of a day when I had made back my previous two days losses and some more to boot.

I made the cardinal sin and I mean it when I say its the first time I have done this for ages and they clamp me. This is the story, I was going through the races yesterday morning on Betfair and there was money coming for a horse and it just kept coming. Everytime somebody put some money in it was snapped up and heading south. The price hadn't reacted with the bookies so I backed it with Stan James and layed it on Betfair. I also backed it to a smaller amount with Bet 365 each way. It was called Our Dynasty in the 3.15 at Musselburgh, and the thing dots up. It was more annoying because Bet 365 had a bigger price but because I was worried about the account I backed it with Stan James. So I lost £ 459 on Betfair but won £745 from the bookies.

I had some great bets with a 33/1 second place in Wayward Glance who went off at 80 on betfair and went down to 2.36 in running as it got beaten off in the last half a furlong. The same happened with King Of The Moors who I backed 16/1 and got caught on the line after trading as low as 1.05. Luckily I placed a lay on this horse at 1.15 so i collected the each way money £ 55 plus £ 191 from Betfair.

I also had Warnes Way and Starshine come second and third in the same race,and Bet Cat gave me Club Tahiti which also placed so all this combined to make it an £ 800 day.

Coming to the end of the month and its been a cracker, even after the trials and tribulations of the last three days.

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