Friday, 22 October 2010

The Wedge.

Dark day for football today as the thin and the thick edge of the wedge met. A mega bucks player and a mega poor club. Just imagine if some of these very rich players from some of these big clubs just all chipped in a weeks wages to help Pompey, they wouldnt be in trouble thats for sure.

As a football lover it does make me wonder what has happened to the game I grew up to love. Just like many of you football fans I was taken to see my club when I was nine years old and I remember being in the chicken run at West Ham to see Bryan "Pop" Robson score the winning goal in an FA Cup 3rd round match against Watford. We had players like my hero Billy Bonds who played 500 times for the club along with Phil Parkes, Frank Lampard Senior and Sir Trevor Brooking. When we were relegated Sir Trev stayed with us down in the Second Division to help get us back to the top division. In those days players stayed and fought for what they cared about and maybe its all bullshit but to me it was more because they were part of a community.

The last time we went down in May 2003 our team consisted of players like Jermaine Defoe, Joe Cole, David James, Glenn Johnson and Freddie Kanoute. All of who went on to bigger and better things not giving a toss about the state of the club they left. In fact as many West Ham fans know we didnt want to sell Defoe but just like Rooney he had player power and we didnt have a choice. He managed to get himself sent off three times in the first two months of life in the Championship. He probably hasnt been sent off since then.

I hope Pompey survive and I hope that these mega stars put something back into the game, but most off them will just go back to their home countries and live like Kings. Its good that people like Ian Holloway can try to make the FA/ FIFA see the error of their ways, the unfortunate thing is he is manager of Blackpool not Chelsea.

So to today which was positive and puts my Betfair account on a new high for the year.

My first football lay went down with Ausberg winning 2-1 with a goal in the final minute of the match. As you can see from the above screen shot I came out of the match after 85 minutes so didnt make a loss, but for my actual system it is a loss so the next game in German Div 2 will be lay No 2. Tomorrow has another lay, No 1 in England Div 1 which is Swindon Town at 2.02.

Today I backed three horse who all ran poorly and finished unplaced so £150 gone there. Bet Catalyst had a bet which I am doing to half stakes which was called Macs Power. As its name implies it powered home and won comfortably at 12/1 . I won £ 150 from this.

So a busy weekend ahead and I shall post again Monday. Have a good one!


  1. I was involved in that Ausborg came as well- heart attack time (I've written it up on my page)

    Completly agree with your comments about football- its got out of control.

  2. Enjoying your blog. I've just added you to my blogroll. Can you do me the honour back please?
    Good luck-Steve

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, Mully I have added your blog.