Thursday, 21 October 2010

Moscow Mule.

Well certainly a lot of disdain and disgust at yesterdays tennis match between Janko (The Fixer) Tipsarevic and Horacio ( Argy Bargy) Zeballos. Trawling the internet for anything on this game brought me up empty handed ,except for a quote from Neil Harman a writer for the Times who remarked what an honest tweet Janko made after he admitted that he choked. Choked wasnt the word I would use but hey it doesnt get reported it gets swept under the carpet. Just thank our lucky stars Neil Harman isnt a detective.

I was lucky enough to lay Janko the night before on Betfair at 1.23. ( That sounds wrong doesnt it.) I would like to say I had inside info but I get enough of that from all my spam mail. What i would recommend is if its not right jump in and try to make a few quid or ignore it altogether like the ATP do.

As you can see Janko had a relaxing smoke later in the evening in his crib,while listening to Cypress Hill, you go man !

Had a solid couple of days . Tennis is going well, I 've had a few profitable lays with my max liabilty always being £15 and have managed to make a dent in my £100 a day target. Yesterday I only had three horse bets as I couldnt see any value and today I didnt have any. There seems to be a lot of very trappy and low quality races about. Out of yesterdays bets I had a place at 14/1. The other two are probably just finishing now.

Tomorrow I will start my football five step lay system. I will only obviously be doing small stakes just in case it goes tits up early on, but each divsion will have five lays. If all lose then its back to the drawing board. The first lay for its division is Augsburg in German Div 2 at 1.74.
Lets see if I can get off to a flyer !

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