Friday, 1 January 2010

Not Ideal

With the weather playing havoc with the racing there wasnt a lot on offer for me today.
PP had one bet in the 1.40 Pigeon Island. It ended up running against only one other horse and lost. Tipping Legends continued with their poor recent festival form with a second in a decimated race and two more losers. Another £134 loss. I didnt fair any better picking two with neither placing.

Bet Catalyst were unlucky with their first selection in the 2.10 Mister McGoldrick. I backed it each way on betfair at 50/1. It lead for a long way and traded at 2/1 in running but the trip and the hill at Cheltenham were to much for it and it came home third. There other two selections didnt place unfortunately.

As i type Phil Taylor is giving another darting lesson to some poor unfortunate. If i had to pick a sportsman in the World today to lump on its got to be him. What an amazing dart player he is. Tonight just like so many other nights he destroys a player that is at the top of his game. Proof if it was needed that mentally Adrian Lewis and all the other players are beaten as soon as they hear his theme music start pumping out across the arena. Another anti climax game ! Will Webster fair any better, i doubt it.

Anyway a pretty poor start to the New Year, a loss of £350 and from the weather reports its not going to get any better.

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