Monday, 30 November 2009

End Of Month

Well another month gone for me. This is my third month full time but the first with my blog. Not sure it really helps me or hinders me, but i will keep it going until i run out of things to say or people stop visiting.

Today was a manic day but not because of betting. My car stopped working this morning and god was it absolutely throwing it down outside. Got soaked through trying to get the thing started, had to leave it and get the RAC out to fix it. Then came home to find a problem with the toilet plumbing so had to call out a plumber. Dont worry didnt have any floaters in the pan !

In between i had one bet myself which lost, and Punters Profits gave another which lost. The only good news was that i got paid out on a champions league bet i had on Chelsea to win there group. Unfortunately i cant post that up as i only have a phone account with this mob of jokers because my internet account has been restricted. But good news i have managed to open a new account with VC so lets hope i can ride them mothers for a while !

So December is normally a slow month with the bad weather and not a lot going on so will see how it goes. For the record my profits for Sept £2656, Oct £3110, Nov £2370. Disappointed with this month as got off to a flyer and had £3k in the first week and since then its been a slow downhill slope. Tomorrow Equine Investments are back on the scene and i might sign up for another service just trying to choose at the moment. Wouldnt mind if anybody can point me in the direction of any tipsters with solid pasts.

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