Thursday, 11 March 2010

Give And Take.

Not the best of days as PP put up three short price selections that all got turned over. Holmwood Legend, Richards Sundance and finally Keep Guessing. The last one of the trio drifted alarmingly before the off and then got basically ridden to lose. It was at the back of the bunch before the off so giving the leaders a nice ten length advantage and then was never really pushed to hard to get in the race. Wayne Hutchinson the jockey was a disgrace but you know this is the game when you sign up for it and thats life.

Equine had just the one which just got up on the line to win, recouping my losses from PP.
I had just two selections with neither placing the closest I got was Douryna in the 2.30 coming fourth. Overnight it was four from four on the basketball bets as the New Jersey Nets beat the spread.
Nothing from Bet Cat today but thanks to Richard for setting up the chat room for us to discuss horses and trading. It was nice to get some company with some useful knowledge and insight and I hope to do it again.

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  1. Good to see you in our secure chat room Eddy. Going to try and get the whole process refined and then open it in the hope some like minded people can get together and help make each other some money. The LAY LIST is something which worked well today, and has done well for Al and myself since we gave up the trading desk. Will run this by you daily in the hope we can get a consistent method in the hope of decent profits.