Monday, 15 March 2010

Catch Up

Well sorry for the late posts but I am finding with all thats going on that it is difficult sometimes after a long day to then write all this stuff up, so will be more sporadic posts in the future.
If you read JPs blog you will know that Saturday was a bit of a flop with no winners from three Equine bets and one PP bet. Luckily I had three bets with one winner, which bolted up really nicely.
Bet Cat had two bets as well and I put them in an each way double, both sadly coming nowhere.
In the evening their was a losing Basketball bet so next up to double the bet with that.
Not a lot doing Sunday with no bets from any tipsters. I had seven horses with four placing with two coming second at 12/1 and 16/1. Monday I had three bets with one winner at 8/1,
Onto today and another couple of losers for PP. I have now done 50% of my bank and have decided to call it a day with them. Its so annoying to see two evens favourites getting turned over and with the amount of low price bets with this service I think it would take me another six months to get back to level, even if I was lucky enough to do that. I did put aside a bank for PP but it is like a dripping tap with money slowly being drained and I have had enough !!

Bet Cat also had a couple of losing horses today, and I had five with three placing and one winner. They were 1.45 Below The Deck, 2.30 Laylas Lexi, and in the 4.00 Another Jewel. The only winner was Lovey Dovey I got at 14/1, which went off at 5/1. I had to split again as Stan James would let me get much off.

As i have mentioned before I have decided not to renew any racing service tips and will just be following my own tips and concentrating more on trading to make a living, which will mean less posts unless I have something exciting to say !

Concerning the football betting system I havent put actual money on these selections but in the Italian league the second selection Parma won at the weekend so that was good. In Belgium the first game was a winner so was the first Spanish game. The leagues that are going onto their second system bets are English Championship, Portugese and French premier divisions.


  1. Hi Eddy, good luck with the new strategy, reckon you are better trusting your own judgement to be honest. You seem to have your fair share of winners and for the life of me I have never understood why people sell tips? If they are that good why not just make the money themselves?

  2. Thanks SP, nice to see you back.