Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Little Promise.

Its funny this betting lark, in my eyes the most important thing needed for any punter is mental strength. Being able to have the will to just plough on when times are tough and things just arent going your way. I recently finished reading Dave Nevisons second book which like the first is a great read, and the thing that struck me most is that even a pro punter who bets in thousands of pounds a day is the same as the rest of us. He has crisis of confidence and wonders where the next bit of money is coming from after having dismal results. This is why he is now branching into horse management/ownership much more than before because he sees the demise off certain aspects of horse racing which were once profitable to him. Basically he is evolving, trying to stay one step ahead for his future money and well being and something for me to ponder on too.

So another profitable day which surprised me given the lack of bets but things just went for me. Firstly Equine had Sirjosh in the 5.10. I managed to get on at 14/1, it went off at the much lower price of 13/2 but was never in the running.
Nothing from PP and just the one from Bet Cat which was Victory Gunner e/w in the 3.30. I had £20 e/w on Betfair at 70 in the win market and 16 in the place market. Bet Cat has had a hard time of it lately and today followed that on but the horse really did run well and came down as low as 6 in running and 1.15 in the place market. Hard luck stories dont win you money though and it was a big shame it got caught near the line for third place.
The money came from my own selections of which there were three. The 3.00 race was a 16 runner handicap, my sort of race. The punter has the obvious place money advantage and if I can find enough value I will always have a couple of horses so if one does get placed it covers the loss on the other horse. I picked two early on and they came home first and second both at much lower prices than I got. In fact the winner was the 9/2 favourite half of what I managed to get.

My only other bet was well supported. I tried to get it at 25/1 in the morning but couldnt get any money of, so decided to take 20/1. It was a strange affair as the horse went off at 12/1 took the lead and then faded, it hit the magical 999/1 on Betfair and then got its arse in gear to rally over the last few fences and then get up near the line to win!
To help top of the day I pre-traded about ten races and after losing the first two for a loss of £50 managed to come back to make a profit.

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