Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursdays Work.

Another busy day, so starting with Equine a bet on two horses in the same race with neither winning. The loss of £75 wasnt suffered as I layed one of the horses at 1.10 to cover the bet. As mentioned before I do that sometimes on certain bets just in case in gets caught on the line. Bet Cat had two bets and I put them in a double as well but unfortunately there losing run continues and the profits from last month are slowly being eroded.

I managed to eek out a profit of £65 from my own bets with one winner, and one place. I had four other runners not place.
The final bet in the basketball system won even though from looking at the scores half way through they were losing by about 15 odd points. So this reverts back to bet one and brings my profit for this to about £250. The Football Bet system has had no bets this week.
As i write Ljubo is a set down in the tennis to Monaco and I am trying to get rid of some of the bet!

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