Sunday, 21 March 2010

Steady Eddy.

Well a good weekend for me with nice steady gains. Had two losing bets from Bet Cat costing me £150. Unfortunately of the five each way bets I placed only one placed and that was Dolly Hall which got up for fourth in Ireland today.

Even though Equine has finished he sent out some mentions for Lingfield yesterday and I duly backed two of them. They were Tranquil Tiger and Brave Echo who both won. The money really came for the former of the two and just I followed it in.

There was a winner Friday night and a loser last night on the basketball so I am going to bet b for the next match. The Football system had a really good weekend with seven winners and three losers. There were two b bets in France and Spain which both won today, so out of the ten leagues I just have the one going to bet b at the moment in Italy after AC Milan drew 1-1. The winners were Wigan,Roma ,Fiorentina,Cardiff,Mallorca,Montpellier and Heracles. Losers Deportivo, AC Milan and Lens.
In the tennis backing Ljubo at Indian Wells at 571/1 was a nice touch. Unfortunately I got rid of the bet before his game with Nadal . With hindsight of course I would be sitting on a fantastic profit if I hadnt of done that but on the other hand I didnt want to get nothing out of it. At least I have a £245 profit to add to tomorrows figures once it gets paid out.
I received a comment yesterday which I would like to agree with and if you are against the monopoly being built up by Betfair then lets all go to Betdaq once a week and see if we can help build up some healthy competition.

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  1. Well done Eddy. I got that comment too seems a good idea all going 1 day a week.