Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bad Day For Sport.

Pretty even last couple of days for me. Yesterday I had three bets with one Heez A Cracker getting placed at 16/1 in the 3.05. Bet Cat didnt have a bet but Richard very kindly sent me an in running trade.It went of at 14 on Betfair and looked to be in trouble but got a second wind and hit my lay at 5.9, then the cheeky nag went onto to win as well ! It was Zafrangar in the 4.50. This made me about £100.

The overnight basketball bet lost so the next one will be a b bet. The Football system had two bets the first a winner on Notts Forest but the second bet on St Johnstone in the Scottish Prem ended in a draw.

Today I picked three horses with two unplaced but the third bolted up at 9/2. I managed to get 7/1 earlier in the day.No football bets tonight but the bet b on the basketball has been placed.

After the Italian football match at the weekend we had a couple of more farces today. At the mens tennis in Miami there was one match that wasnt right. Rochus v Koellerer where bookies stopped taking bets on the 2-1 in sets win for Koellerer. Rochus won the first set but the odds were not correct considering he was a set up and money kept coming in for Koellerer and he was in the position of being the odds on favourite even though he was losing. I backed him at 1.56 even though he was a set down and it was level in the second set. Instead of moaning about it thought I would have a bit of it myself ! As you can guess he won in three sets.

This afternoon was the turn of horse racing to make an ass of itself . A horse called Nevertika which was heavily backed all day and opened up at 3/1 proceeded to bolt and run a whole circuit of the course before being pulled up. The odds on betfair went from 4 to 12 but instead of withdrawing the horse the trainer decided to run it. Any punter on this horse was done for and it ended up being pulled up when tailed off after about five fences.

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  1. Mr Koellerer has plenty of previous form for this kind of thing. It shows how hopeless the ATP are that a player with a reputation as being dodgy continues to play on the circuit.