Monday, 22 March 2010

Mondays Mutterings.

Overnight the Basketball bet came in to clear the previous loss, so another £80 profit there. It should have been the third and final bet of the sequence but for me it was the second one as I missed the earlier losing bet.
After last weeks great horse racing, today I was struggling to get involved with the nags. I had three e/w bets with two seconds giving me a slight profit and a dabble on Betfair as well. In the end I decided to watch the 20/20 cricket on ITV which was really entertaining.
I have been receiving emails from a website concerning tennis betting and I wondered if anyone else has? I replied asking for proof of the bets but have received no reply and it seems very dodgy. Here is the website in case anyone that reads this knows of them:

Concerning this type of thing can you believe that Pyschic Soccer made £12k from the promotion of their system ! They wanted 200 people to each pay a non refundable £60 and they managed to get it done! The system that they had was dumped half way through because it made losses and even with the new laying off idea it only made a 10% profit in two months. From reading the promotional blurb they were gonna double your bank every month with this system that has been tested over many years, you gotta hand it to them though. Again I have sent him about seven emails and not had one reply with the last one asking why he has removed the chat room from their website. I think I know the reason why....

If you ever want to check on web sites use this address. It gives an idea of how long they have been running.

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