Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fridays Fixtures

Late night last night so no post. Yesterday went a little bit like this...

First losing Basketball bet by 1/2 point on the spread how unlucky is that, so I had to do the old martingale bit and double up the bet for the next game. This time the spread came through to give another winner.
Horse racing there was no bet from Bet Cat or Equine and just the one from PP which was an odds on winner, which I include below.
I finished about even on my own bets after losing a bit on Betfair I had a winner with Dr Hart, yet again I forgot to press the each way button. Idiot.So I am testing a system called Football Bets Direct. I received an email yesterday from Neil about joining but because there are no results on the web site but a lot of profitable claims I declined. Anyway Neil has offered to send me the daily emails to see for myself which not many people actually do. It works the same as the Sports Betting Professor with the A, B or C bets for certain European leagues . Yesterday gave two bets, Inter in Italy and Schalke in Germany both to win. The latter did but Inter lost so the next bet in the Italian league will be a double bet!

Finally I wanted to post up this screen shot of a horse race yesterday were the winner was 33/1 in the morning and went off as the 11/4 favourite ! If you look at the screen shot you can see in its last few runs it has been pulled up and never finished in the first ten. I believe the trainer got pulled into the stewards room after to explain about this mysterious dog suddenly becoming Shergar. As per normal nothing was done.


  1. Hi mate yep can't believe that gamble you mentioned. Very annoyed that I didn't have it myself as I follow market moves on my blog

    Have added your site to my blog list and would really appreciate it if you could do the same to mine

    Thanks and good luck

  2. No problem, good luck with "winning a fortune" I wouldnt mind that myself !

  3. Hi Eddy, big week for you I expect.

    Good luck and I hope it all works out well.


    PS I have put up my preview on

    If you fancy losing money have a look ;-)

  4. Thanks SP,not got much on at Cheltenham but hope you have a good one.