Monday, 29 March 2010

Falling Down.

I remember a film called "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas. He went on a bit of a rampage after getting to the end of his tether and I had that feeling this past weekend.

It all started with listening to Gordon Brown, Saturday morning on Sky News promising what sounded like the earth with pledges and promises galore. De ja Vu?

The first thing to check Saturday morning was the C bet from Sports Betting Professor . This came in so still no losing sequence for me yet.From then on things didnt go to plan. Bet Cat had two bets and as normal I put them in an e/w double. The first horse ran a great race and nearly got up on the line but was second at 20/1, the second horse came nowhere. During the week Bet Cat also sent an ante post for the Lincoln which was called Huzzah. Unfortunately it didnt really get going and finished down the field.

My own bets were criminal and ended up losing £300. What really put me in a bad mood was an SP Bet I had on Betfair. The horse typically won and the SP was 5.0. Funnily enough I had put in as my minimum odds 5.0, but somehow my bet wasnt matched costing me £250. I rang Betfair but as usual came up against the same waffle and excuses , but what can you do? Yes the SP was 5.0 but there wasnt enough money in the market for your bet to get matched I was told, even though it was a Saturday afternoon which really surprised me. So was the SP 5.0 then? Send your answers on a postcard.....

The Football system had a poor weekend with about seven losers and only two winners ! There are a couple of C bets coming this week.

Sunday morning bought another winning basketball bet.

Checking the race cards I couldnt believe the amount of 16+ runner handicaps and in total I had my busiest betting day this year with me backing 15 horses.

Amazingly( or maybe not) I backed loser after loser with the biggest gutter being Regenaration which Jamie Spencer rode in the 3.00 at Doncaster. I got this at 11/1 in the morning and it went of at 3/1 and never ran any kind of race. With so much money coming for it I hoped the gamble would be landed.
Then in Ireland in the 5.10 my horse came fourth only for me to find out that a nag got withdrawn just before the off so only 15 runners competed so no place money for me.
So it was all down to my last race the 5.40, and finally I hit the jackpot again getting not just first but second as well . This helped put a big dent in my losses for the day. This time the lower priced horse won.
So after a long weekend the last race got me back a nice bit of money.

With the tennis my own tissue gave me four bets on Friday that I classed as value and all four won. Unfortunately on Saturday I had three bets and they all lost ! Still slightly up and will continue my quest....

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