Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Feast Or Famine

After the last two days of gluttony today I came back to earth with the normal bump. Just one selection from PP which was a double bet. The same horse was a double bet last week and it lost so today it managed to repeat that feat. The nag in question was Keepholding in the 4.40, so £100 lost.

Nothing from Bet Cat or Equine so i picked seven out. The only success of the day was a placed effort from Burrow Vic in the 4.15 at Naas which i got at 8/1. So a £275 loss there.

I managed to get back about £160 from both Basketball bets coming in last night, and a bit of tennis and horse pre race trading. I bought half a point juice on the Toronto game even though it wasnt needed as they only narrowly lost. Now I dont really know what that last sentence means but thats what I was told to do and it sounds cool I reckon...

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