Friday, 19 March 2010

Catch The Pigeon.

Cutting to the chase and I only had one bet from Bet Cat today. Equine has now finished until May and the PP are not followed anymore ( I get the email everyday and I think they had about nine losers at the festival and one winner which was odds on!) In my last post I said all the profit had been eroded from last month because of their long losing run so today was a £70 e/w bet on a 40/1 shot . I only managed to get £50 e/w on, but to complete the Twiston-Davies treble we had Pigeon Island, and o how I cheered that nag up the hill to win in fine style. So hats off to Bet Cat a £2500 winner for me. For a hundred odd quid a year that is a value service.

As you can see I had to do it in two goes. I believe it returned at 16/1 so a fantastic early price for all involved.

Before all that excitement I had a few bets myself on Cheltenham and felt it was going against me. In the 1.30 I had Gilded Age at 40/1 which was fourth coming over the last and I was looking forward to the place money but it didnt last and came home sixth. In the 2.40 I had Silver Kate and in the Gold Cup Carrathers who at 33/1 had third place nicked on the line by Mon Mome. After watching the replays I was gutted. So to the 4.40 where I had the first and the third but not in the order I wanted them by hey a nice result.
Finally tonight I had Jezza in the 9.20 which I got at 11/1. It went off at 9/2 and with the Dazzler riding from the front it nearly held on but was caught just on the line, shame as that would have made it a great day.
I still have Ljubo in the tennis, and another first bet tonight in the Basketball. The Football system gave out its first bet in Holland tonight which was Heerenveen to win which they have just done by 4-1. So all in all a great day.

No post tomorrow as I am out celebrating my birthday !


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