Monday, 8 March 2010


Still feeling rough but wanted to give an update so here is a recap. Saturday I only had a few bets losing £250 from a PP selection and three Bet Cat selections. Yesterday I took the day off as no bets came through and I didnt have the energy to go through the card myself.

Overnight I left a bet in play on the tennis which lost. This is the importance of not betting when you are ill. I backed Dani in the final at 1.70 for £100 she won the first set and traded at 1.18 but then went on to lose the next two. If i had been feeling well enough I would have been awake and traded out of the bet for a no loss situation. The only positive was that it was partially off set by a winning Basketball bet.
This was the first bet from The Sports Betting Professor which I have decided to join, lets see how this one goes!

PP had a double stake bet but the horse could only finish second losing me £100 while Equine had an each way double with both finishing second and a third bet which was a very easy winner.I picked two horses with the first coming fourth but the second won. It was quite amazing really as I backed it at 8/1, it drifted to 10/1 but actually went off at 19 on Betfair and hit 38 within a few seconds. When you have an odds on favourite people are looking to lay the other horses to silly prices sometimes.I had a few bets and trades on Betfair with two really good ones. When the adverts are on I hit the red button to watch the horses going to the start of their races. One horse was playing up so I layed it just as the commercial break was finishing. When it came back on the camera was following it and other people jumped on the bandwagon. It got better as the jockey got off and the commentator thought he was throwing up or was ill but what had actually happened was the horse had kicked him on his kneecap so he was doubled up in pain. As soon as he got back on the horse people started backing it again so I backed it as well, not really rocket science but good enough for me. The second one was a horse called Sir Ian who was being backed in and looked like he was going to jump away in the lead as he was being pushed to the front of the pack before the start of the race. At certain courses front runners do very well so I had a bet on him at the off at 5.2 and as soon as they jumped off he came down to 3.85 as people got stuck in. I got rid of the bet straight away but he was never headed and actually won ! Typical..

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