Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Crystal Gazing.

Had a bit of a slow one for me today. Had to go out for most of the morning so only placed a couple of nag bets. There was one from Punters Profits, which was the same horse called Dusk as yesterday. It had won its three previous outings but today must have been a bit too much for the poor thing not surprised really think i would have been knackered as well. I didnt see the race but it got pulled up half way round after hitting a couple of fences. I picked out four myself and got a nice little old winner in Ireland the 3.05 at Gowran Park. On the subject of Irish racing please can someone tell me what its all about. Half the time its abandoned, then you get the handicaps of 20 that get the normal five pulled before the off and finally how do you make money on the races there when the overounds on the books are something like 140%? Winning horses are quoted at 25/1 and then you look at Betfair SP and it was about 125/1 . Even the horse i had today, was i thought a nice price at 10/1 but it went off at 18 on betfair and the place part of the bet was much more then the quarter the odds that i got. I dont think that should be happening and punters at courses there are getting truly ripped off, i only hope things dont go the same way here.

Watched the Murray game tonight didnt have a go on that at all i thought it was a very strange match especially in the last when he kinda collapsed losing three of his own serves. I didnt think it lived upto what i was expecting unlike the Del Potro game earlier which was a fantastic match.

So to todays results were i finished down about £60. I was up in the evening but then backed over 2.5 in the Barca game with them 2-0 up after 26 mins. I had gazed into my crystal ball for long enough and was sure i could see the future i was even thinking 3-3 ! But not to worry im not silly, i kept the receipt for it and will be going into Argos in the morning for a full refund.

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