Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Long Hard Day

Saturdays you either love them or hate him. So many bets to get placed, texts and emails coming in then trying to get the bookies to accept them and keeping track of them. I got all my bets done and then i thought i have staked a lot of money today i hope it doesnt go wrong. Then watched in horror as one by one they started losing and i started counting up my losses.
It was becoming bloodier than watching one of those SAW movies! Firstly Punter profits, all 3 bets lost and i have done 20% of my bank since the start of the week. I had a few other tipsters as well all losing. Now i dont mind if they run a race but this lot were falling ,getting tailed off it was rather depressing. I picked five of my own and got no winners but three seconds.

Didnt trade the first tennis match as i was so busy placing losing bets ! but got on the second one which was a fantastic match. Monfils is such an athlete and great to see such skill and touch from Stepanek who is so different to the hard hitters around the game.
Anyway i won on that and it helped ease the pain and then finally got a winner at the death from Tipping Legends which halved my losses. So ended up £ 400 down.
I will start trading the darts probably Monday because i had a bit of success with that last time so watch this space..


  1. hi,
    just found your blog and find it very interesting, keep it up. you seem to trade tennis very well! as a new tennis trader, can you give me any indications as to the best way to trade it. is it better to trade on the favourites serve, or simply just lay at low odds after the first set has been won? any help would be greatly appreciated!!


  2. Hi Stewarty,
    Thanks for your comments, nice to know someone is reading my blog ! I really dont have a straight answer i tend to watch and just follow my gut instinct.You need to get an idea of where the market will go if the next point is won or lost and try to get your money at the head of the queue, but also to have low liabilities in case it goes wrong. Protect your bank and practice some different methods. The most i ever risk on a trade is £50.