Monday, 30 November 2009

Lazy Sunday

Funny kinda of day Sunday. With so much sport i didnt know what to follow so ended up going down the pub to meet a mate for a couple of drinks. Trying to watch Chelsea/Arsenal with Christmas songs on all the time and its not even December yet.I dont know if its just me but a lot of the English football this year i am finding boring. The only good thing is i had a bet on Chelsea to win the league +1 on the handicap at the beginning of the season and Birmingham +48 and they seem to be picking up as well.

Before i went i had picked out three horses to have a go at. Two finished unplaced and the third ran a very gallant race coming second at 14/1. So in total £55 down there. Punters Profits only bet won but because of my 3% rule i got on £57 at 1.83 with Hills. This paid me back £47.50. In the evening i had one NFL bet from The Linebacker with Washington+9.5 at 1.91. They lost by 3 so i picked up a winner there. I then lost £40 on the late NFL games so finished even for the day.

Had a look through a few other blogs this morning and lots of people seemed to have a hard weekend, so heres hoping things pick up for all of us.

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