Thursday, 12 November 2009

Its Not All Champagne And Roses You Know

Today was the three legged donkey day for me.I backed five of my own selections they all drifted in the markets and then all lost. What a surprise.

I had to laugh when the first Punters Profits nag won and then the second fell at the last fence after being gifted the race. Luckily for me i laid it to cover my stake as it came to the final fence at 1.08 so no damage done but still a sickener. Still looking forward to some proper racing with Cheltenham starting tomorrow. I looked at trading the horse markets but was really shocked by the lack of liquidity and i thought better of it.

So to tennis and only traded two games both posted below. Just to prove it can go wrong the Clement game was so poor i think the guy only held his serve three times in the match and i just couldnt get any worthwhile trade out of that, but at least i cut my losses for a fairly small loss.
The Simon game i didnt bother with as he was injured and i think he should have just pulled out of the tournament because you could have had a chance of getting your money back from the bookies but watching him try to run around reminded me of watching some of the nags i had backed that very same afternoon. The second game was Mr Murray who won the first set 6/1 and then proceeded to go AWOL so that was OK for me. So a loss on the day of £100 with just one bet tonight on the NFL i have backed the 49ers with a -3 handicap.
Wish me luck .....


  1. Hi Eddy.

    Well done on the NFL Pick and the rest of your results. Food for thought for all of us.

    Just a quick question about 'Punters Profits' - Do you rate them highly? I've never subscribed to any form of tipster service before, but to be fair my record on the nags is abysmal. (I enjoy them too much to leave them alone though ;-))

    Take Care and Good Luck

    Sports Punter

  2. Yes i do rate it very highly and they have a great forum there as well. I have set aside an amount i am willing to lose and shall run with it i dont think i will bust it but who knows...

    Thanks for the comment.