Friday, 6 November 2009

Whats Going On Here Then?

Out tonight so writing early, i have one bet tonight to run but as of this moment i am £3 up for the day !! The 8.20 Wolves: Heathyards Junior 21.00 with Bet365.

So something strange happened as you can see below, and maybe if there is someone out there that can enlighten me? The Fontwell 3.10 16 runner Hcap so as usual i backed two horses. I then laid them both in play at 1.20 for £100 so £20 liabilty just in case one of them gets nicked on the line(dont you just hate that.)
So they come first and second and both trade at below the 1.20 but only the winner gets matched, still a great result but lefting me wondering why. I have printed the relevant bits below, have a great evening all.

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