Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Hand Of God( Part 2)

So Mr Henry managed to get the French through to the World Cup Finals with a deft couple of hand movements, poor bloke must have thought he was playing handball. While everybody in Ireland will be up in arms about it i am sure we would have all done the same, still a shame as i was looking forward to a penalty shootout which i thought was the least the Irish deserved. Glad i didnt get involved in the football as all the World Cup qualifying games finished 1-0 and there was not much excitement about.

I didnt get up to much yesterday as i was out and about. Had a few bets and finished about £20 up with the Punters Profits selection winning again and me picking a few losers.

So to today and a bit frustrated with my own selections as all 6 finished out of the places losing me £300. Sometimes it just doesnt run for you as you hoped and i dont think i have picked my own winner since last weeks 20/1 shot came home.

I sat down tonight and tried to trade the darts which is just so fast moving and with such a lack of liquidity it is much harder than tennis. Mind you i managed to get involved in five games and seem to be getting a handle on it and am becoming more confident with where the entry points are in the market. Anyway i scratched three of the games and got a couple of winners as well, so ended the day down about £150. I hope to be a bit more confident and aggressive tomorrow with this tournament.

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