Saturday, 21 November 2009

Con Men

Firstly lets talk about the bookies. One thing i find is the constant conning that goes on with them drives me mad. I would appreciate any feedback on the subject of closed accounts and how to get round this problem. There is no consistency with them in regards to payouts some dock me money some dont. Many times i have backed a horse with seperate bookies to find out they have both paid me back a different amount of money, and its not like you can complain to anyone because they dont want your business anyway. It makes me laugh to see the idiot on from Victor Chandler saying they have just laid £2k each way. They must only be taking the money because they have a pretty good idea they wont be paying out on it. I dont bet with them because i cant. As below: Ref: Victor chandler

Dear Mr Dixon,

We are contacting you today to advise that a business decision has been taken by our Senior Traders and I must inform you that betting Account Number ++++++ has now been closed and no further business may be executed on your behalf.

The balance of this Account at the point of closure stood at zero with no outstanding bets.

As explained in our Terms and Conditions, a Traders decision is final and will not be over turned.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past custom.

Kind Regards

Rose Comper
Account Queries Department

Victor Chandler

This communication and the information it contains :-

They are obviously not the only ones with Betfred/Sporting Bet all offering great odds until you try to have a bet with them the list goes on.

So to Friday i had a good day i backed Mini Beck E/W at 10/1 it went off at 14/1 and came second. I have pasted there website crap below with my return:

So i didnt get the BOG price as advertsied,and when i called them up i was told i had a restricted account and BOG doesnt include restricted accounts. Now you will not find this on their site and apparently they had sent me a letter to inform me a couple of months ago, which of course i never received.
Well the racing went ok i had 3 punters profits bets all going down the pan, i picked five myself got three placed and a 16/1 winner to boot. The two places were both 20/1 as well.

In the evening i won £130 on the darts only traded three games and the first game should have made a hay but hoped for Young to win and left the majority of the green on him. I couldnt believe the amount of doubles Thornton missed but he just came through.

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