Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Goodbye Rafa?

Great nights football lots of late goals again. Wish i could trade more than a couple of games but doing to much leads me to a lack of concentration. Yet again Liverpool throw it away maybe time for a change at the top?
Anyway i traded three games had a nice profit from two of them, this made up for the tennis trading where it all kept going against me. I ended up losing £ 232 on about 7 tennis matches hopefully better luck tomorrow. Also managed to lay Inter by mistake when i meant to back them this morning so lost £ 46 for no reason but being an ass !

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  1. hello mate, good work on the football, i also often have a hard time tradign on the tennis, need to cut it and other sports out as footballis what im best at for now!

    wanna exchange links? ive added ur blog to my link list at: