Monday, 16 November 2009

The Fast And The Furious

Or is it the Fats And The Furious? A big welcome back to the darts not as slim and athletic as last weeks tennis players but just as exciting especially the Mardle /Hankey game. Trying to trade darts is pretty tough, the action is so quick you just dont have time to get out if you get it wrong. So starting of with small stakes i will try to make some money. I wont achieve the same strike rate as the tennis but will try to get some profit and confidence as the week goes on. At least thats the plan!
So to today, it was pretty uneventful for me no horse tips so i had to do my own thing. I picked four horses and managed to get three placed . The closest was Chariot Charger at Plumpton which i managed to back at 8.5 with Lads it traded at 1.13 but cocked up the last fence and got beat.
Still made £32 from the each way horse bets and another £74 on Betfair from laying for small stakes and backing and laying in running.
This evenings darts got me another £30 so happy to have reached my daily target making £140
it doesnt sound a lot but over the course of a year its a nice wage and certainly beats working!

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