Friday, 13 November 2009

Indecisive? Im Not Sure !

Well as the header says today was a head scratcher. I didnt think there was any value in the tennis and i tried to trade the first two games and finished up even. I couldnt find entry points and then waited and missed chances. Eventually i gave up and went to the cricket England /South Africa game. Then it started raining and England were slightly behind on the stupid Duckworth (i dont understand it) Lewis rule so everybody and their mothers started bailing out. I had a nice postion on England but with the rain starting to descend i got out for a £30 profit which should have been £100. Anyway they bowled one more over in which England where now one run ahead on the stupid Duckworth (i dont understand it) Lewis rule and then the storm kicked in and that was that.
If i waited for another over it would have been better !
The horses again failed to live up to expectations i backed three of my own choices each way and they all placed , but the tips from Punters Profits and Tipping Legends were all losers.
Finally had a go on the football and won a bit back along with the NFL bet which won over night finishing down £300 for the day. Since Sunday i am exactly even so still £3k up for the month but its been a hard week so far.

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