Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Bit Flat

Today just felt like a really slow day for me. Looking at the race cards i thought there was a great chance for me to make some money but alas it was not to be. No real hard luck stories though just picked the wrong nags and ended down about £100.

So to my staple diet of tennis, in the Chardy game i thought i had it sussed but he just kept blowing up at the wrong time so in the end after thinking i would make a £100 i ended up with £ 2.70 !
Verdasco was next up for me and i managed to earn some money. As he tries to qualify for London the pressure on him is becoming evident in his play, which is good news for me.
The big boys enter tomorrow in Paris and i am loooking forward to Del Potro and Safin especially if it is to be his last match on the tour. As you can see below i managed to get a bit of money out of the Simon game and again it was a 1.01 shocker for Lubi !

Any comments or thoughts on trading any other sports are welcome.

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