Thursday, 26 November 2009

Chasing My Tail

Up and down day so far today. I had seven Punters Profits bets all losing, and more amazingly all at short odds. It must have been a layers paradise out there in the field. Had three in one race and couldnt bear to watch it so i dont know where any of them came but it wasnt first ! So after being £600 down from them it was damage limitation time.
I backed The Dew At Night in the 2.05 which sailed round and was well clear when it decided to take a dive at the last fence. I was already counting my winnings at 7/1 when it came down!
I also picked four others and had a winner with Ocean Transit at 11/1. Had one winner out of four with Tipping Legends but the winner was a three point bet compared to the others so that made me a profit as well.

I got involved in the Murray match but only won £10 ! Sometimes it is very hard to be disciplined when you are behind and i left all my green on Verdy in the hope that he could pull it out of the bag.
There were times i could have greened up for over £100 on each player but i was willingly to let it ride. This is the mental part that is hard to overcome for me because if i had been profitable for the day i would have more than likely taken the money on offer.

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