Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Super Nadal !

"He put on his cape and became a new man" so said Peter Fleming on Sky Sports this afternoon.
Another gem from the ex tennis pro who always looks to me like he enjoyed a few smokes in his time, if you get my drift. I love the guys on Skys tennis channel Fleming,Petchey and Cowan who i think always talk a lot of sense.
Watching this game was probably the highlight of my day and i am sure that a lot of more experienced traders than me made a bundle. Nadal was down a set and 5-3 in the 2nd and to top it off 40/0. The game was over but Nadal did a quick change into his cape, and came through in 3 long sets , amazing !
Apart from this, today was another slow day.On the nags Punters Profits 3 tips all lost i then in my wisdom managed to a lay a horse which won beating the horse i backed by a neck. If that had been reversed it would have been Happy Days.
My own each way system gave me two bets the first i backed this morning missing the 28/1 with Bl Sq but getting 25/1 with Lads. It steamed into 10/1 s/p and then came second after trading odds on on Betfair. So all in all a nearly day, i am sure we have all had plenty of them.
Well another turn up for the book as the Fed gets beat, luckily i laid him at the start of the tournament for small stakes so a double bit of luck for me.
And finally the late game

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