Saturday, 30 January 2010

Part Of My Bacon Saved.

Sometimes you dont get the rub of the green and today i have the misfortune of saying that. I thought i would be posting up quite a big loss today, but managed to get some back in the last race at Cheltenham. So Equine had the one bet, Full Toss in the 3.55. I had a £100 on it and as normal it steamed in price but ran wide the whole way round and couldnt make up the ground it needed.

4PA had just the one bet, Joe Lively e/w in the 2.35. It came home third but as there were only the seven runners it was a losing bet. £50 loss.

PP was the big disappointment again. My staking was up at £80 per race and all four runners lost costing me £320. All i needed was one winner and i would have had my full bank back. Unfortunately i had a third, a faller, and then two seconds. The last horse was Time For Rupert which i got at 13/2 this morning, this would have sorted me out but alas it found one to good. I am back to £63 stakes on their selections.

My own selections are having a hard time as well and of the three picks nothing figured.I lost £125 there and was £600 in the hole as they say.

For the second Saturday running Bet Catalyst saved part of my bacon. This is the cheapest of the services i use costing me about £20 a month. I have now made over £2k from their selections this month and i am sure we will land a big one. The selections were Midnight Chase 33/1 e/w, Tender Falcon 40/1 e/w and Akilak 8/1 e/w. I also put them in a trixie. The 8/1 shot didnt place but the other two did winning me £401 on the day.
So a loss of £200, when i could have been looking at over £700.


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  2. No problem Richard, keep up the good work.