Sunday, 24 January 2010

There May Be Trouble Ahead...

Not a good day in any shape or form. Firstly got the standard email from Skybet:At least there honest unlike some of these bookies who feed you lines of crap. Then on top of that i also got my Boylesports and worse still William Hills accounts restricted. I think Hills didnt like me getting on one of Equines selections today at the stand out price, and when i went to have another bet later in the day i got the red screen that made my stomach sink. So tomorrow starts another round of me trying to get some new accounts opened. I think i said before about another VC account i got opened but they didnt even take a bet off me before it got shut. Oh the webs we have to weave...

Todays bets didnt help either. Three from Equine in one day is a lot compared to usual. I cant comment on the races as i didnt see them but they all lost, so £212 gone there.

After yesterdays success we had a no betting day from Bet Catalyst and nothing from PP either.

I picked out three each way bets with one coming third at 14/1, so a loss of £55.
Overnight Wickmayer got knocked out of the Aus Open by Henin in three sets so £20 gone there, but the £20 i had on Cilic at 70s i have laid off at 20s giving me a nice free bet.

So a loss of £300 with the only bright spot being that i managed to get hold of a Charles Bukowski book i havent read so i had my nose in that for most of the day !


  1. Eddy

    Do you have any exchange accounts? No chance of them getting shut down and the bonus of enhanced odds on some of your picks.

    Its ironic that you have a losing day on the same day some of your accounts get restricted!

    The gambling gods work in weird and wonderful ways?!?

  2. Yes i do have exchange accounts, so its going to have to be another option.