Thursday, 14 January 2010

Not A Snooker Fan But...

I ended up watching the snooker today, well lost £40 watching the snooker shall i say. I havent watched any snooker for years but enjoyed it today. That Ronnie O'Sullivan was described by John Parrott as," the most naturally gifted sportsman in the world today". Now i dont know about all the sports across the world, and i imagine some people around the globe might never of heard of him, but i would be hard pushed to disagree with Mr Parrott. This man can play right or left handed and win. Imagine Mr Federer trying to play left handed or Mr Woods, or Mr Taylor. I find this absolutely amazing. He is the best snooker player in the world right handed, and can also double up with his left side when he feels like it. Dont know why he seems to be depressed all the time, the guy is blessed. These other guys spend all there time practising and then he strolls in and takes the piss by beaten them with his wrong hand. !

Lazy day for me again, Bet Cat gave out Green Park in the 4.10. I had it each way at 12/1 it came fourth. Loss £40. Equine offered up Copper King in the 2.15 i had £50 on it to win. It came second.
I didnt pick anything myself but traded most of the races. Had a nightmare with the first race dropping over £100 by just not dealing with a position that was going wrong. The rest of the day i did ok and actually finished about £19 up.
So a loss of £110 today.


  1. Mr O'Sullivan is indeed a tortured genius. If he had managed to beat his demons he would have been untouchable throughout his career.....How did you loose the £40 on snooker? Trading or betting?

  2. Laying O'Sullivan.....i know im an idiot.

  3. Hi Eddy, I personally don't trade/bet the snooker at the moment, but if I did I wouldn't touch any match involving O'Sullivan with a barge pole. You never know which Ronnie will turn up or indeed if he will change personality mid-game.

  4. We all have our 'idiot' moments Eddy! I've had plenty of them through the years!!