Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Small Profit.

Pretty straight forward day for me. No bets from Equine, still no jumps racing so no bets from PP, and just the one from Bet Catalyst. It lost but i only had £20 on it. For the first time in ages i picked out three of my own, just £20 win only bets. Two lost but i had a winner in the 1.35 called Rocket Ruby. It nicked a lead with an intelligent ride and never looked like getting caught. It won at 11/2 and i got it at 8/1 in the morning.
Because of the lack of racing i decided to spend the afternoon trading some races. As i have mentioned before i attended Peter Webbs course in April last year but really havent made a fist of pre race trading. I think a lot of people go on this course and just imagine on their return home they will find it easy to make vast sums of money, but i have not found it like this at all ! I was amazed on the course when during a Q & A session at the end of the day most of the people were more interested in how they would get around paying tax on their earnings, as if they were already millionaires ! I imagine lots of people have tried and failed at this type of trading, and if you read Adam Heathcotes blog you have to understand that he is one of the best performers out there and it takes a lot of skill, bottle and instinct to earn the sort of money he does. Put it this way, he is like Ronaldo and i am more like Robbie Savage ! You will always find in all walks of life that person who stands out from the crowd , whether it be trading, teaching ,leading, or whatever you do for a living. I think his blog is more to inspire people to say , yes it can be done! Whether or not it can be done by you is another thing !
My problem with this has always been concentration but today with so few races i buckled down and turned a profit.
Had an early night last night as i had to be up at 7am and with Betfair closing down for maintenance from midnight til 9am i didnt get to trade any tennis matches. If i can stay awake tonight i will try. Last thing to mention i had £25 e/w on Galatasaray to win the Europa league at 25/1 with Skybet.
Profit today £204.