Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I wanted to watch the Azarenka/Williams game last night, so settled down to watch the match before thinking it would be over quickly. How wrong can you be!I had to suffer two and half hours of terrible tennis. By the time the third set came round both players had made over 40 unforced errors. Luckily for me it worked out well ,but i didnt have the nerve to hold all my green on Li Na. I would have felt robbed if i had stayed up til three in the morning to get nothing so i greened it up. I missed the next game as i needed my bed. I got up this morning to watch the final game and had £500 on Novak to win at 1.14. It started going pear shaped when he called for the trainer. Now after yesterdays loss i switched over just in time to Tsonga and watched the odds go crazy. Novak soldiered on ,and again i thought i dont want to get nothing out of this so greened it up at the end of the fourth set.So a nice start and after commission i made £365 from the tennis.
The horse racing was the typical gambling nearly story. Equine had no bets but four mentions so i put them all in a lucky 15 for a £60 stake. Could you believe that the first three won but the final horse finished seventh. If i had been home when the race was on i would have layed the final selection. Bit gutted to be honest.I got back £197 profit which could have so much more if the final nag had done the business.
No bet today from Bet Catalyst, and only the one from PP which snapped its losing run. I am back down to £58 stakes on these. A profit of £42 here.I had six selections myself . Three of them came fourth ! One came nowhere, and i had a second in the shape of Slippers Percy in the 2.45 at 6/1. This made me a whole £12.50.
My winner of the day was from the Reveley partnership called Karingreason in the 1.50. It was in touch all the way round and won nicely at 9/2. I managed to get on at 8/1.
So a productive day of £650. Finally just to let you all know that today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Thomas Crapper, the man who revolutionised the flushing lavatory.
I thought that was going to be an omen , but i didnt have a s*** day after all.


  1. hi eddie,

    ive been trading tennis now for this month using very low stakes to egt the hang, and i have just traded my first game using larger amounts of money .

    i scalp the service games of the player i choose so today i managed 3 games on Murray - is this ur approach to tennis trading or do u try and lay low an dcatch more of a swing in price?

    thanks keep it up

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment. I tend to wait to see how the game develops, but there are many things you could do. I just look for trades with not much down side. For example,in the latter stages of tournaments i tend to lay the winner of the first set, especially with the mens matches as they dont normally win in three straight sets as there should hopefully be a way out. Obviously it doesnt work all the time !