Friday, 29 January 2010

Comedy Factor.

What a comical day all round. Lets start with football. I have to mention these few items as it just shows what a country we live in. Firstly Ashley Cole is banned from driving for being caught speeding at 104MPH in a 50MPH zone:

"Chairwoman of the magistrates Patricia Baskerville said: "We have taken into account Mr Cole's clean licence - however this was an incident of excessive speed, over twice the speed limit on the road and these were exceptional circumstances which we need to mark."

Cole, who was not in court, was warned he faces prison if caught driving while banned.

Ms Hodson said he was "regrettably" unable to attend as he was travelling in preparation for a game on Saturday.

Her attempt to get sentencing adjourned was rejected.

A £15 victim surcharge and £300 costs were added by the panel to "reflect his income".

A request that Cole be allowed 21 days to pay was greeted with laughter by magistrates, who granted it nonetheless"

Then we have John Terry having an affair with a co players wife:

"A Sunday newspaper had been due to challenge Mr Justice Tugendhat’s decision today, which prevented it from running a story which was to reveal that Terry had had an extra-marital relationship with Vanessa Perroncel, a French-born underwear model who was until December the long-term girlfriend of Terry’s fellow England defender Wayne Bridge.

The newspaper had been expected to argue that revealing details of the affair was in the public interest as any fall-out between the players could affect team morale in the England camp and even influence team selection at this year’s World Cup."

Poor old Cole needed time to pay, and an affair was kept secret because it might affect team morale before the World Cup. What a great excuse that is!

The we have the name of the person at the Man City/Man Utd game :

Another man has been charged for trying to enter the ground while drunk, police said.

Paul Rooney Nelson, 35. His middle name is Rooney!

Then the final nail in the coffin:

Robinho's departure from Manchester has left one man feeling particularly blue - die-hard fan Chris Atkinson has the Brazilian's name tattooed on his chest.

And to make matters worse the tribute is etched next to another Samba star who never even signed for the club.

Mr Atkinson, 26, of Altrincham, got a Kaka tattoo soon after the Blues lodged a £100m bid - only for him to sign for Real Madrid.
Mr Atkinson said " I'll just wait until i have kids and call them Robinho and Kaka". Classic!

Betting wise i have finished down about £200. Equine had two selections both £50 bets and both losing. Bet Catalyst had Adams Island in the 3.15 which won at 3/1. I had £30 on it, so a profit of £90.
PP had three bets and the first one was a double bet in the 1.20 on Shadrack. It won at 7/2 making me £460, but was then followed by two losers. My bank is now back at 85% from a low of 50% for this service. Lets hope we can continue into the weekend.
My own picks were poor with only the one place from seven picks. This was Great Husk in the 1.05, that i got at 20/1 in the morning.

Cheltenham tomorrow so i expect a busy day punting.


  1. Good stuff - with regard to the clearly not-too-intelligent Mr Atkinson, I liked the last line of the report:

    "I'll just wait until I have kids and call them Robinho and Kaka," added Mr Atkinson, who currently does not have a girlfriend.

    With brains like that, I can see why!

  2. Yes Eddie nowadays when most footballers are overpaid massively there is nothing good to be expected.....