Monday, 25 January 2010

My 1.01 Loser

Probably the tennis match i had been most looking forward to was this morning. Zvonareva v Azarenka. This might seem strange but both players have the ability to go into total meltdown at the drop of a hat. The best tears and tantrums of last year came from this pair, so i was hoping for a bit of breakfast entertainment. It went pretty much to plan with Azarenka grunting so loudly to annoy the Aus fans, then falling a set behind, and then getting a code violation for saying the F word to the line judge. I thought it was Serena all over again. At this point i thought she would either self combust or get her arse in gear. She did the latter and won in three sets. It should be a lively match with Serena next up !
There was just the one bet from Equine today which won quite easily.Nothing from PP and a £10 loss from Bet Catalyst. My own betting was annoying to say the least. I had four each way bets with the final one Alfadora trading at 1.01, but got caught as it tied up on the line. What a pisser as i got it on Betfair at 16.0 and it went off at about 9.2, so £150 loss.

That was it for the day. I couldnt do any trading this afternoon because Betfair crashed for about 3 hours. So £30 for the day !!


  1. We used to have some wallpaper like that back in the 70's Eddy!!!!

  2. Yeah we had some green velvet flock over the fireplace to match the brown sofa !

  3. Hi Eddie,

    Very cool blog you have, congratulations.

    Keep it green :)

  4. Cheers Koko, hope your tennis trading goes well mate.