Thursday, 7 January 2010


Another frustrating day on the punting front. As mentioned before i have a free week from Tipping Legends which judging by todays blow out might not be to clever. Four horses 4/1, 6/4, 10/3 and 15/2 all getting easily turned over with the biggest bet on the 6/4 shot. Loss £275.What bothered me more was that on a day of such poor racing with only one course open they would supply four bets. Were they really all value bets? Or is it that as they are giving the free week to non subscribers JC wants to make a statement of their betting prowess?

Bet Catalyst had an each way at 14/1 which didnt place. Loss £40. Equine Investments dutched a couple of horses in the same race with one of them winning giving me a profit of £65.
Most disappointing is my trading which i thought would keep me going for the Darts and the Tennis, but it has been awful really. I am not losing money so much but more delaying entry and exit points and not greening up when i have opportunities. Too many times today i had positions
where i had all the money on one player and zero on the other. I am in the mindset that the law of averages says one of them should come through and give me full profit but that has not happened and has left me angry with myself . As you can see below the return on the time invested is piss poor.
Tonight is the big Bowl game in the US. Each team had its close calls this college football season but still found a way to stay unbeaten through 13 games. The No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide and No. 2 Texas Longhorns will battle for a chance to go 14-0 and for the right to be called 2010 BCS National Champion. I enjoy the college football and love the atmosphere generated at these games by the fans, and the bands. So to compliment this here is one of my favourite bits of college marching music.
Whoever you support enjoy the game!

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  1. Great Video. The Yanks don't do things by halves do they?