Monday, 4 January 2010

Tennis Is Back !!

No racing bets today from any of the services i use, and nothing from me either. There was only one A/W meeting on. I thought this would be the case last night after looking at the Sporting Life website. So a decision was made to stay up all night after the NFL games to trade some tennis down under. Regarding the NFL, The Linebacker had his 12th winning bet on the trot last night. It was to back under 47.5 points in the Eagles/Cowboys game . It finished 24-0 to the Cowboys. I still have two antepost bets with this service as well. Firstly New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl @ 4/1 and the Dallas Cowboys also to win @25/1. I have no idea if they can meet in the Final but that would be nice ! Had one winner out of three from Luton at SBC, so overall lost about £20.

I stayed up until 6am watching tennis which was just about as much as i could do ! I decided to call it a night once i had had about four mugs of coffee and depleted the biscuit tin. Mental note to have lots of munching food around in a couple of weeks time.
None of the games went my way, but as you can see i made about £85 and there was some entertaining stuff especially the Gasquet game. I watched Henin make her comeback as well but im not sure about her chances yet for the Aus Open.

This afternoon went about the same i lost £20 on two matches in Qatar and then got a nice result.

So up about £150 today, roll on tonight if i can stay awake again.

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  1. Well Done and good luck tonight. Though it's halfway through now I guess!