Monday, 11 January 2010

Idiot !

An eventful night was Sunday with one of those typical "snatching defeat away from the jaws of victory" moments for me. I backed the draw in the Angola/Mali match at 250 on betfair for a fiver when the score was 4-0 to Angola with 75 mins gone. So £1250 could have come my way as Mali scored four goals in the final 12 mins , but no, i laid it all off as i couldnt see a recovery and made £1. Even as i sit here typing this i still dont understand what made me do it, it was only a fiver i was going to lose.
Games like this come as often as Haileys Comet, so this just about killed my mindset last night for any further trading. But no theres more...
Straight after this there was a game in Portugal. With the score at 3-2 to Porto, and only five minutes left they were trading at 1.05. I dived in and laid £500 . I couldnt believe it, when with the very last kick of the game Porto conceded a penalty. The Porto player got sent off and i needed the goal for a £500 win. Needless to say it was saved and i lost my £25.

I then watched the Packers make an amazing comeback in the NFL only to give it away with a soft turnover in over time, so lost that bet too!

Finally i stayed up to trade some tennis matches but really wasnt with it and lost £60 when i should have written off the evening and gone to bed. The last tennis match summed up my night as i laid Zvon at 1.42 and watched as she went from 2-0 up to 3-2 down and started getting some of my back bet matched at 2.00, giving me a nice profit.

If you hadnt of guessed by now the game was stopped midway through the first set by an injury so was voided by Betfair, and i won nothing.

So to todays horses. I only had two bets. One from Equine and one from Bet Catalyst with neither winning. On the bright side i havent been doing my dough with the free Tipping Legends bets which again brought another couple of losers. I didnt pick any horses myself.

So after a day thinking about my mistakes and mishaps i have decided that i will give myself a couple of months to get on the right road or quit and go back to work. I can only blame bad luck so many times !
As the saying goes "Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit."

Loss today £250.


  1. Sometimes we have these kind of days Eddy. Best just to take them on the chin and move on, take the valuable lessons (when you think its time for bed it usually is!) dust yourself down and start all over again the next day.

  2. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, sounds like an unfortunate sequence of events. Would be a shame for you to stop becuase of this. Perhaps a break to reflect might be the best idea.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments nice to hear from you both.

    Good Luck !