Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Skid Row With The Skis.

Well a less than profitable and exciting day. There i was, all set up for the warrior Nadals come back. He was two sets down ,best of five set match. Now you gotta be able to trade this position because he doesnt get turned over in straight sets by anybody, does he? So the lay of Muzzer was in place but horror ! as all of a sudden Nadal with the knees, ( as he is now known ) calls the trainer and the odds collapse quicker than a collapsable item (maybe Ronaldo or someone along those lines). Muggings here has fallen for the old retirement sucker punch.

Not to smart, but it was the right call as far as i was concerned and i would do it again no problem. Anyway my rapidly becoming newest hero Mr Cilic is still in there fighting. So £150 gone to the Betfair gods.

Equine had the one bet, Magnitude in the 2.20. The price on the text was 11/1 i think or maybe 12/1 but i missed the text and got on at 8/1 ten minutes later. Because of the poor price i only had £25 on it. It didnt win.
PP had Rince Donn in the 2.10, which i had £60 on to win at 5/1. It drifted and went off a couple of points higher and ran a shocker. For all i know it could have been a ringer !
Bet Cat had a small bet as well which lost me £25. To my own choices and i picked three with final one Seasonelite coming home second, so a loss of £30.

So not a good one with a total of £290 lost on the day. I will be following Mr X once the NFL season is over onto the Six Nations Rugby. He has a great record the past few years and if it is anything like this seasons NFL i will be more than happy.

To cheer myself up i have found a great vid from days gone by. So now for your stereomatic enjoyment he it is,turn it up as all the great DJs would say.

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